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Security System Solutions

CCTV Systems

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems play an important role in crime prevention and detection as well as improving productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Solutions can help improve the security of your retail or commercial premises, or your home, with the right surveillance and security system. We can help design any kind of closed circuit television systems for both residential and commercial installations including: retail stores, commercial buildings, offices and private homes. We collaborate with various leading technology partners that provide innovative equipment and solutions tailored to each of our customer’s requirements.

IP CCTV Solutions

IP CCTV Systems are most commonly used for surveillance and which unlike analogue system it can send and receive data via a local area network and the internet.

IP Cameras

An IP camera have up to 10x more detailed images and allows you to zoom on a specific item, this can be anything from a device to a person. IP cameras help you to future proof yourself as cameras can be upgraded via software packages. Types of cameras are

  • Fixed Box type Network Cameras
  • Fixed Dome Network Cameras
  • PTZ Network Cameras
  • Outdoor Fixed Box type cameras
  • Outdoor PTZ Network Cameras
Network Video Recorder (NVR)

NVRs work with IP cameras to record live video capture and playback in real time and stored on a drive which you can transfer to USB. NVRs work with police systems to find faces on their systems to help find witnesses and offenders.

All our NVRs are low noise and low energy consumption. They come in a variety of sizes, anything from a 4-way to a 32-way and storage ranging upwards from 1TB.

Video Management Software

In a large scale IP system, the cameras are connected over an Ethernet network. Video is stored in a central computer server or a Network Attached Storage (NAS) unit. For handling recording and other functionality in the system, a video management software solution is needed. The video management software can be installed on the same storage PC, or on a separate PC.

Analog CCTV Solutions

Analog CCTV Systems are most affordable security solution that allows customers to use coaxial cable infrastructure while providing an HDMI & VGA output for full HD display.

The remote view Apps stream clear video over 4G or WiFi network for you to keep an eye on your property via Smartphones or by connecting cameras and a CCTV monitor or TV you have an easy to use digital CCTV system.

DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) available 4 channels to 32 channels and storage capacity can be increased by adding the capacity of hard drive.