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Audio Visual Solutions

Board Room / Meeting Room Solutions

Purpose these rooms to conduct meetings with important partners and clients, must represent the company in the best light possible. Audio and visual technologies form a major part of the environment and are usually the focal point. Oxford Integration can provide state-of-the art solution with Cutting edge technology.


Choosing the display based the on the size of the room and type of the content to be displayed. LED screens, Interactive LEDs or Projection system can be selected.


Audio system devices are microphones, DSPs, Amplifiers and Speakers. Based on the use of the room we can select the required elements. For huddle rooms, built in TV speakers will work.

Cable Management

Laptop connectivity cable to display (HDMI/Mini Display port Cable), AC Power outlet, Data point for conference phone, USB cable for web conference device is few essential cables required on the conference table top. Cable management device will manage all cables neat and tidy.

BYOD / Wireless Presentation Solutions

Wireless Presentation device allows anyone can walk into a room and wirelessly present PowerPoint®, Excel®, Word and PDF documents, as well as photos, on the room display from their personal iOS® or Android™ mobile device. MacBook® and PC laptops can be connected seamlessly as well, making presentations from most any device fast and easy.

Video Conferencing

Video Conference system has 4 elements: Camera, Microphone, Codec and Speaker System. For big size rooms, customized solution with multiple microphones ceiling / table mounted may require. Standard microphone comes along with codec will work for small to mid-size rooms. Similarly the speaker system as well, external wall / ceiling mount speakers require for big size rooms and built in TV speakers will work for small to mid-size rooms.

Web Collaboration

Web Conference system has similar components like VC, but Codec is replaced with a Laptop / PC (thin client). For small to mid-size rooms, conference mic with built in speaker and AEC technology is recommended. For big size rooms, customized solution with multiple microphones ceiling / table mounted may require. External wall / ceiling mount speakers require for big size rooms. USB 3.0 professional camera recommended for mid-size to large conference room. Most conferencing applications enable people to work together and share content irrespective of location.


Controlling AV devices and room controls like Lights, drapes, AC from a single touch is possible by using control system. Either touch panel, Apple, Android device or Button panel can be selected based on the budget and requirement.

Room Booking System

The scheduling platform eliminates double-booking conflicts, and ensures that room schedules are optimized. The integrated touch-screen display provides booking information at a-glance right outside the room door. It shows the room reservation calendar, start, end and remaining time of on-going bookings, or the next reservation to help optimize Available or Reserved status visually. Few models can integrate with Microsoft outlook, Google calendar etc.