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Audio Visual Solutions

Home Cinema

Oxford Integration provides bespoke home cinema installation as well as Multi room music and control. We strive to deliver the best solution for any budget. Oxford Integration achieves this by recommending class leading products which provide the best performance and features for the task. We can combine these with a user friendly intuitive touch screen control system so that everything can be controlled seamlessly, from your ipad, your iphone, or from a dedicated colour touch screen remote control to make operating your home cinema installation or multi-room music system a breeze.


Choosing the display based the on the size of the room, Cinema Projectors are special in features with High contrast ratio. Choosing the brightness of projector based on the calculation considering the size of the screen. Resolution of the projector is other concern; native 4K resolution projectors are recommended.3D Support projectors are preferable to experience 3D movies.


In order to hear and feel every moment of a movie, proper sound system is a must.


Controlling AV devices and room controls like Lights, AC from a single touch is possible by using control system. Either touch panel, Apple, Android device can be selected based on the budget and requirement.

Sound Proofing & Acoustic Sound Control

We undergo the cinema room analysis and detect the noise disturbance in order to integrate Acoustic treatments. We provide soundproofing solutions for the room in the initial stage and then further to it we undergo the acoustic treatments to the room to avoid echo problems.

We provide the complete solutions for soundproofing and integrate it accordingly based on the requirements for the area. This enhances the sound in your home theatre and is accomplished through the use of three types of acoustic panels: Absorptive, Reflective and Diffusive