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Audio Visual Solutions

Class room Solutions

Audio visual system provides opportunities for effective communication between teacher and students in learning. In this modern world we use digital tools to improve the teaching-learning process, which makes the class more interesting, dynamic and effective. Moreover it also helps to introduce new topics in easy way. The use of audio visual aids makes the students to remember the concept for longer period of time. They convey the same meaning as words but it gives clear concepts thus help to bring effectiveness in learning. Oxford Integration specialized in providing right solution as per your requirement and budget.

Interactive Board

Interactive whiteboard (IWB) connects to a computer through USB cable. A projector projects the computer’s desktop onto the board’s surface where users control the computer using finger or stylus, it helps to navigate through activities, websites and multimedia contents. Board will have its own application which will help the teachers. The board is typically mounted to a wall or floor stand. For KG students we offer Height adjustable brackets to adjust the height of the board when required.

Interactive LED Panel / Overlay

Interactive LED Panels / overlays will do the same functionality of Interactive white board solution without using a projector.

Projection System

Projector with projection screen is suitable for large training halls. Selection of the projector and projection screen based on infocomm standard.

Audio System

Based on the size of the room, speaker can be selected. Some interactive boards come with built in speaker which will be suitable for small to medium size classrooms. Microphones, DSP, Conference devises to be considered for distance learning environment.

Class room response System

A classroom response system (CRS) is any system used in a face-to-face setting to poll students and gather immediate feedback in response to questions posed by instructors.

Classroom Capturing Solution

Lecture capture systems improve learning outcomes. It will capture teacher and presentation separately from the live lecture, and then publish all the captures, perfectly synchronized, side by side.